Sworn and certified translations

Do you need the services of a sworn translator certified by the Belgian courts for your French, Dutch, English or German translations? With B-Trad, your documents are in good hands.

The B-Trad expertise

Listed with the National Register of Sworn Translators and Interpreters, Bruce Corre ensures that your translations are duly certified, ready to be handed over to the authorities.​

Bruce Corre guarantees top-quality translations thanks to long-standing expertise earned with the Federal Public Service Justice and regularly refreshed through regular attendance of technical training courses.

Bruce Corre assure la certification de vos traductions en bonne et due forme, prêtes à être remises aux administrations.

Ethics and quality

Under the terms of the law, the oath taken by Bruce Corre before the Court of Appeal (Liège) to become a sworn translator, implies full compliance with the Code of Ethics specific to the industry, i.e. a set of rules (professional secrecy, duty of discretion, objectivity, impartiality, integrity, reliability, continuous training, etc.) guaranteeing proficiency and professionalism. The public authorities have also issued a Quality Manual, which is duly respected. It has been put in place to address issues such as the efficiency and reliability of work processes and to secure a quality outcome for both the translator/interpreter and the client. 

B-Trad assure la légalisation des traductions pour un usage à l’étranger

International documents

The computerisation of the FPS Justice services (via the e-apostille and e-certification services rolled out by the Belgian State) now allows me to perform the certification of my translations for use abroad (certification is no longer required for use of your documents on national territory).

Some examples

Ask a quote!

As prices are set according to the complexity of your document, do not hesitate to contact me for a fast and customised quote! Also feel free to put any organisational or technical questions you may have to me.

Demandez un devis pour vos traductions jurées et légalisation, B-Trad vous assure une réponse rapide