Bruce Corre, sworn translator

General and Legal Services

Dutch - English - French - German

Icône clair traductions jurées et légalisations​

Sworn and certified translations

Are the authorities asking you to have a sworn translator certify the validity of your document in the eyes of the law? Leave it in the expert hands of B-Trad.

Icône clair traductions générales Spécialisations​

General and specialised translations

Need a general, legal, medical, HR or marketing translation? That's just down my street! In French, Dutch, German and English.

Icône clair révision Post-édition Inclusivité​

Revision, Post-editing and Inclusive writing

The machine translation didn’t quite measure up? The problem is, your text had to be of publishable quality... B-Trad to the rescue. Looking for a plan B? You’ve come to just the right place.

Icône clair projets multilingues et traduction sur site​

Multilingual projects On-site translation

Keep cool! B-Trad can take on your projects in several languages. B-Trad is also happy to come on-site if the work calls for the physical presence of a translator.

Bruce Corre, pour une traduction humaine et de qualité

About Bruce Corre

Passionate about the French language and writing, I followed my instinct into the world of translation, a world where I can nurture links, build bridges and serve as a go-between to foster mutual understanding. Rigorous and conscientious by nature, combining a career as a translator with an interest in the public and private legal sectors was a natural progression, an obvious choice on my own modest quest to create a fair society for all…

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« Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes. »
Günter Grass